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RC After Dark is back!

RC After Dark, an event series for transitional aged youth (18-30), is BACK! This event series is aimed towards helping young adults find a space where they can get connected to resources, find assistance for their mental health and wellness, and have fun with peers! We want to provide a place specifically tailored for young adults because of the limiting resources they have available. If you would like to keep up to date with future events please like our Facebook Page: RC After Dark ! Through Community, We Can All Find Healing.

For our next event we're teaming up with an already existing RCHC after hours event, Stitch & Moan, an evening full of crocheting and peer supporting! We will order pizza and work on crocheting together. Don't know how? Worry not! Mary will help walk you through the process.

Join us for peer support, pizza, crocheting, and fun! It's FREE! Just bring your yarn and your crochet hook and you're good to go! Starts at 4:30pm right here at the Recovery Center: 2340 Auburn Ave Cincinnati Ohio 45219

Download or save the flyer below and share it with friends! The more the merrier.

*We do ask that if you are not vaccinated to please wear a mask.


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