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RC After Dark was created and developed by Bill Brown and Amanda Stoddard to provide peer support for young adults.


What started as an idea to gather people together through fun events led to a community coming together to help their personal mental health recovery.  

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What is Recovery Center After Dark

In short, RC After Dark is an after-hours event series designed with transitional aged youth in mind (ages 18-35). Often times within these age groups support is either lacking, inaccessible, or within a timeframe that isn't sustainable when you work or go to school full-time. It is our hope that with RC After Dark we can help change the mental health model to be accessible for those who may need some after-hours peer support and community. 

RC After Dark provides a space where individuals can meet peers who need connection within their community and we do this through fun, engaging, and supportive eventsWe believe that through community we can all find healing. 

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"That was really my intention, to give people after-hours accessibility to help that isn't so black and white, that is still fun and not so much pressure."

Amanda Stoddard, Events Coordinator. 

Upcoming Events:

We always try to ensure every event is free and that snacks and drinks are provided.

Most of our events will be held at the Recovery Center located in Mount Auburn, a very short distance from UC's campus. Parking is available in our lot, free of charge, you will not have to worry about street parking. Any events held outside of the Recovery Center will still be within a short distance of the Mount Auburn area. 

Writing for Healing Workshop

September 18th & 
October 2nd, 2023

6:00PM, Free.

Recovery Center

2340 Auburn Ave 

Cincinnati Ohio, 45219

We ask they you enter through the side back door on the McCormick side of our building. There will be signs indicating where to enter. 

*Parking available and free in our lot. 

Our Writing for Healing Workshop is just that, a writing workshop designed to help you heal! Our goal through this event is to help people heal from their life experiences, celebrate the beauty of writing as a means of processing, and come together for peer support. We only ask that you share if you're comfortable, it's never a requirement. 

The event starts with an introduction about our organization, RC After Dark, and our guests. We then go into the science behind why writing is beneficial for the healing process. Afterward, we present a prompt that is meant to invoke emotion and then we write for 15 minutes. Once the time is up we have a check-in with how we feel and then share our work and give feedback.

*Please be aware that topics of discussion may be intense so this event is only suitable for ages 18+.* 

More events will be coming in 2023, follow us on social media to stay up to date in real-time and contact us below for any questions, event suggestions, or if you'd like to partner up for future events. 

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