Next Event: Monday, June 27th at 5:30 PM | Join us in person at 2340 Auburn Ave Cincinnati Ohio 45219.  

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RC After Dark: Pottery

RC After Dark: Pottery

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RC After Dark is a monthly event series that focuses on providing a positive community to college-aged individuals who may need it. We want to create a space for individuals to feel comfortable and supported through common interest, peer-support, and fun! It's important these events are after hours for those who do not have access to mental health support within the usual 9-5 time frame.


Our main goal is to provide a space where peers can make friends, build community, and feel comfortable. We're all about Mental Health Support and Advocacy, so come get involved!


Events include: Open Mic Nights, Pottery, Painting, Movie Nights, Game Nights, Writing Workshops & more!

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