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Write. Support. Heal with our Writing for Healing Workshop

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Our 2022 RAD Writing for Healing Events:

Monday, August 29th. Monday, September 26th. & October 24th @ 5:30PM.

Hello! If you're here you may be curious about our Writing for Healing Workshop.

Our goal through this event is to help people heal from their life experiences, celebrate the beauty of writing as a means of processing, and come together for peer support. We only ask that you share if you're comfortable, it's never a requirement. This event is curated specifically for Transitional Aged Youth, ages 18-30. Our event is free with no registration necessary.

The event starts with an introduction about our organization, RC After Dark, and our guests. We then go into the science behind why writing is beneficial for the healing process. Afterward, we present a prompt that is meant to invoke emotion and then we write for 15 minutes. Once the time is up we have a check-in with how we feel and then share our work and give feedback.

*Please be aware that topics of discussion may be intense so this event is only suitable for ages 18+.*

RC After Dark (RAD) is an after-hours event series to help Transitional Aged Youth (ages 18-30) get the peer support they need. A lot of mental health help for this age group is lacking in a big way. Usual mental health help also falls within a 9-5 timeframe so it is our hope that by having these events after hours, for this specific demographic, we can provide accessibility to people in our community.

This event is in partnership with Recovery Center of Hamilton County, a mental health and wellness organization.

If you want to know more or have any questions about this event please email:

Download and share our flyer below.


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