Meet The Staff

All of our staff have lived-experience with mental health issues which makes their peer support that much more helpful. We pride ourselves on being transparent and supportive to all members of the recovery center. 

All emails are first name, last initial

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    Chris Pedoto

    Executive Director

  • billum%20(1)_edited.jpg

    Bill Brown, CPRS

    Program Manager

  • 200110AmandaStoddard10_edited.jpg

    Amanda Stoddard, CPRS

    Communications Director, 

    SWAN Project Manager. 

  • BrianSDog.jpg

    Brian Snape, CPRS

    Recovery Specialist

  • rchc.png

    Clayton Irwin

    Recovery Specialist 

  • DavidH.jpg

    David Hawthorne, CPRS

    Recovery Specialist 

  • rchc.png

    Ebony Brookins

    Recovery Specialist 

  • rchc.png

    James Binder

    Recovery Specialist 

  • 88261174_712540779288098_722361545974297

     Jeannie Mueller

    Recovery Specialist 

  • 0722182114e.jpg

    Jerry Saylor, CPRS

    Recovery Specialist,

    Resident Artist

  • 87877130_1862554217211593_16673079363947

    Johnny Hardy, CPRS

    Recovery Specialist 

  • FB_IMG_1552224030776.jpg

    Maria Adkins, M.S.R.D.N, LD, QMHS

    Recovery Specialist 

  • rchc.png

    Marilyn Theis, CPRS

    Recovery Specialist 

  • rchc.png

    Michael McQueen

    Recovery Specialist 

  • 90262467_100730794903672_331188311340299

    Mary Hornback, CPRS

    Recovery Specialist 

  • rchc.png

    Pam Hughes 

    Recovery Specialist 

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2340 Auburn Ave Cincinnati Ohio 45219


Monday Through Friday 

9:00am - 3:45pm 

closed weekends 

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