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To get involved please join us for a tour of RCHC Mondays & Wednesdays at Noon. We will provide you with a member packet. After the tour, we will set up an intake meeting. Prior to the meeting please fill out all forms in the member packet so we can assess your eligibility, goals, and what classes would make the right fit.

Recovery Center of Hamilton County

Class Descriptions for October 21, 2019 – January 3, 2020

12 Steps for Addiction will help teach students 12 steps that they can use to manage addiction

3-Mile Aerobics will help participants strengthen and tone the abdomen using a cardiovascular workout.

8 Dimensions of Wellness will teach students how to focus on the 8 critical areas of their lives that evidence-based practices have found to be the foundation for recovery for many people.

Affirmation Mala Necklace - learn design and hand-knotting techniques to create a necklace to use for daily prayer or affirmations (yours to keep). We will also work as a group to learn how to create jewelry which will be donated to an organization we choose such as a battered women’s shelter or Ronald McDonald House. Then for the last week or two of classes we will make jewelry to keep using the different techniques we have learned during the first eight weeks. 

Art at Essex is for those that love art or just want to learn more. This class will help you expand your artistic talent. If you like drawing, painting with watercolor, acrylic, or just want to explore your talent this is the class for you. 

Assertiveness and Self-Empowerment will teach students how to think assertively, feel confident, behave positively, in ways that will help students be self-advocates in their professional and personal relationships.

Attitudes of Gratitude  will teach students how about the importance of gratitude in recovery.

Basic Drawing will be a step-by-step drawing class with pencil and paper.  We will cover many aspects of creating a drawing such as shading, texture, shadow, lines, and perspective. All levels are welcome to join this class.

Bipolar & Depression Support Group will offer a supportive atmosphere for those living with Depression and/or Bipolar Disorder. Group members are encouraged to offer support and help facilitate the recovery of their peers through sharing.

Chair Boxing will help build strength and tone muscle while losing pounds and inches. Participants will learn simple boxing moves such as power punches and combinations followed by a full body cardiovascular workout.

Clay & Sculpture will offer students opportunities to made one of a kind art pieces using clay. Learn different techniques to manipulate the clay into pieces of art.

Coming Out of Your Shell will help students learn skills as well as provide opportunities in the community to put newly learned skills into practice that will allow you to become more comfortable and friendly with people. 

Creating Your Own Feelings will help students understand their emotions and learn how to create more positive feelings through positive thinking 

Creative Writing - Students will engage in writing exercises to free repressed emotion and gain clarity for recovery.

DBT Skills - Distress Tolerance -  The goals of Mindfulness practice are to reduce suffering and increase happiness, Increase Control of Your Mind and Experience Reality as it is. The goals of Distress Tolerance are to survive Crisis Situation, Accept Reality, and Become Free.

English Skills Development will take place in the computer lab so that each student can work on the areas they choose. Reading comprehension, vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuation and typing are some of the topics available. Some of the websites used are lots of fun while others approach English in a more serious way.

Exercising for Strength will be done in a group formation of training on each piece of exercise equipment in 5-10 minute intervals. This course will help you gain more mobility in your muscles and joints.

Gentle Yoga & Yoga Chair Students will participate in a gentle form of yoga both on the matt and in the chair. The students will learn positions on the floor (Savasana) and simple crossed-legs positions (Sukkhasana). We will finish the class in the chair. These positions can be modified for those with mobility issues. The objective is to learn mindfulness for recovery.

Guitar will help beginners and experienced guitar players better understand how to play guitar, as well as the history and appeal of the instrument.  You do not need to own a guitar to participate.

Healing the Trauma Within this class provides a space to facilitate learning around trauma to put in place healthy life-long changes. Throughout this course we utilize various coping tactics such as writing, journaling, breathing techniques, mindfulness, positive reframing, and many more to help reverse the negative impacts childhood trauma has on our mental and physical health.

Healing through Art - Participate in fun and exciting projects that are tied into the recovery journey in life. Collaging, painting, color pencil, markers, embellishments and more just some of the things you can be working with during the quarter.

Healthy Cooking will allow learners to cook healthy and learn new recipes and safety and sanitation from a Dietician and Culinary Grad.

Internet & Email is an introduction on how to navigate the web using different browsers, how to utilize email for everyday use, security measures for web browsing, and more!

Intuitive Collage is a creative and satisfying collage process. You make your own deck of cards—each collage card representing one aspect of your personality. Use the cards intuitively to answer life's questions and participate in self-discovery. Joyfully deepen your understanding of the relationships between your personality parts, you and your family/community/world, and you and your dreams, symbols and Spirit.

Journaling For Recovery 3 You've always been the author of your own experience.  This class is an invitation to become the author of a sacred text of your own design; an opportunity to write a personal field guide to your highest self.

Just One Thing

Journaling for Self Discovery : To learn about ourselves through a series of journaling exercises intended to make students think deeper. Students will also learn about their motivations, desires and fears.

Land That Job  Is a class for people looking to find work.

Loose Ends - A Journaling tool for tying up the incomplete details of your life and heart: The students will engage in a series of simple and direct journaling exercises by writing letters to those in their lives whom they want to speak their truth to and let loose the life long collection of emotional baggage. The students are not required to share unless they so desire. This class is designed for releasing guilt, shame and pain - to let go of the past and live in the present.

Math Skills Development: We will work in the computer lab, allowing everyone to work at their pace and on their choice of math skills.  Want to learn Algebra?  Need to know how to balance your checkbook?  Have trouble figuring out the price of an item on sale for 30%off?  These are just some of the subjects you might choose

Meditation This class will help you wind down and create a fresh and clear headspace. Life can get busy and it is important to take time for yourself and to quiet your mind. In this class, you will be listening to relaxing meditations which will have a different focus each week. Some different topics include: anxiety relief, boosting self-esteem, help with sleep, gratitude and appreciation, etc. 

Mouse & Keyboarding will help individuals build their mouse and keyboarding skills through this beginner computer course.  In this class you will learn to increase your typing speed as well as learn how to use a mouse properly in different scenarios. (There are two sessions of this popular class!)

Negative Self-Talk & How to Change It - This course will help you by learning up to date, highly useful, life-changing information to stop negative self-talk.

Personal Wellness: is self-directed fitness in the exercise room using the available equipment. 

Photo Editing 2: will teach you the basics of editing your digital pictures.

Radical Kindness - will teach everyone that when you treat yourself and others with warmth, empathy, and respect, life-changing benefits will follow.

Recovery Boosters focuses on the positive aspects of recovery through inspirations and reflections.  We will use specific short essays to help us center our focus on things that we can do to maintain our mental wellness while taking the time to also reflect on our individual paths that have led us to today.

Recovery For Life: Recovery from mental health issues is a process that takes work on a daily basis. In this class, we will use the Recovery For Life workbook to examine different components to recovery. We will discuss these components’ relevance to our own life journey and apply them to our individual recoveries.

Self Care in Every day Life will teach students the importance of self care in recovery and go over different ideas to incorporate self care into their daily lives.

Signing for Recovery will combine articulate hand movements, facial expressions, head and body movements to communicate feelings, intentions and more. ABCs, numbers, colors and basic signs used in everyday conversation will be learned.

Spirituality of Being Accepted in Community: A Cinematic Exploration will explore the theme and spiritual importance of what it means for people who feel different or marginalized to find acceptance in a community -- whether that is within your immediate family, within the community in which you live, or within a temporary community experience, like an institution or hospital setting. The three films that we will watch and discuss -- Lars and the Real Girl ; Girl, Interrupted ; and Infinitely Polar Bear -- all explore this spiritual question.

Taking Back Control - Self-management of Psychiatric Medications, Part One :  Self-management of Psychiatric Medication (SPM) is a process of questioning your needs and wants with respect to medication. We are no longer helpless victims who are medicated without knowing why.  We can say “yes” or “no” or “why” while making our voices heard and our choices respected.

True Defense will train the mind, body, spirit and emotions through the training of personal defense skills. Students will get in better physical shape, develop a stronger motivation and spirit to live out their life purpose, have better mental focus and awareness, and have lots of fun!  Students may wear sweatpants and t-shirts with gym shoes.  If you have a TKD uniform, you may wear the pants and a t-shirt.  Official t-shirts will be made and eventually distributed to the class.

Watercolor will cover the basics of watercolor painting. We will cover things such as how to use water and paint to create objects on paper and how to use the color wheel to create desired effects.  All levels are welcome to join this class.

Weight Loss & Management Support Group – If you want to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or just eat healthy, come join us! You will learn all kinds of nutrition information and tips and tricks.

Weight and Aerobics Training will help the beginner experience a total body workout through the use of aerobic exercise and/or machines, free weights, power tubes, and stationary bikes.

WMR: Wellness Management & Recovery will teach how to self-advocate. It covers medications, cultural diversity, stigma, treatment teams. It teaches the difference between aggressive behavior and assertive behavior. The course has a wellness wheel to show you where you are and where you want to go. It is an individual based curriculum that will help you grow and expand in your recovery.

Women’s Support Group will provide an environment for women to support one another on their journeys.

Yoga is a dynamic, physically demanding practice that synchronizes breath and movement to produce an internal heat designed to purify the body. Yoga, with its many postures, is great for building core strength and toning the body.

You Can Be Happy is a class that will help students achieve a higher level of contentment and happiness by harnessing their “natural state” by learning the 5 basic principles of thought, moods, separate realities, feelings, and the present moment.  Students will learn how to develop them and apply them in their lives.

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Healthy Cooking With Maria RDN, LD, QMHS:

Check out these healthy cooking recipes from The Recovery Center of Hamilton County's RDN! She gives you simple, easy, cheap and most of all healthy recipes! Health and Wellness is critical to mental health, follow these tips and recipes to guide you through your journey to wellness.