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About the Recovery Center of Hamilton County

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Promoting Wellness, Inspiring Hope, and Changing Lives since 2006
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About Us

Recovery Center of Hamilton County (RCHC) is a non-profit program that helps empower individuals with mental illness to live more meaningful lives in the community.  Our center is a peer-run organization (PRO) directed by individuals who have overcome the obstacles of their own mental illness. We have been serving individuals proudly since May 2006. 

RCHC is a mental health and wellness organization that helps aid in the mental health recovery of individuals in the Hamilton County area. We provide wellness-based classes everyday from 9:00am - 3:45pm. These classes don't provide you with "school credits", but they do provide you with self-discovery, life skills, and tools to aid you in your recovery. We pride ourselves on being a peer-run organization where individuals can feel understood and validated. We believe that through community, we can all find healing. ​

The RCHC takes a holistic approach to recovery by focusing on recovery education, physical wellness, computer skills development, creative expressions, job readiness, academic advancement, personal growth, support groups, and community involvement. 

The staff and volunteers, besides serving as role models, teach and lead a variety of classes and activities. Our goal is to help members return to work or school, pursue their interests and hobbies in the community, and live satisfying lives.

The RCHC is designed to be a stepping-stone to full integration into community living.  As such, we strive to help individuals access the resources and support necessary for them to develop or strengthen skills, increase empowerment, and improve quality of life.  To that end, the RCHC places a strong emphasis on collaboration with community organizations as we believe that exposure to, and interaction with, our universities, community organizations, art museums, etc. can open the door to opportunities for growth and integration for members.

Initially, RCHC was funded through a grant from the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati and matching funds from the Hamilton County Community Mental Health and Recovery Services Board (HCCMHRSB).  Although the RCHC is now primarily funded by the HCCMHRSB, the RCHC has consistently increased its overall budget through various grants, donations, and social enterprise activities.

RCHC Mission Statement: Promote health and wellness through empowerment, education, and peer support so individuals affected by mental illness can live fulfilling lives in our community.

Our Values:

  • Peer support: Is essential for achieving wellness and recovery.

  • Respect: We treat all individuals with dignity & respect because mental illness does not define who we are.

  • Education: We believe education is a vital component of the recovery process.

  • Holistic: We believe a holistic, person-centered approach to wellness.

  • Empowerment: We believe in sharing knowledge & resources because individuals can and do recover.

  • Community: We believe building relationships & partnerships helps provide the resources necessary to live healthy, integrated lives in the community.

  • Stewardship: We believe in the careful and responsible management of our resources in order to achieve tangible, lasting results.

Our Vision:

To better everyday lives for individuals with mental health disorders and to be a leader both locally and nationally by sharing our expertise in helping individuals recover from mental illness.  Our hope is to improve the quality of life and increase empowerment for people living with mental illness by utilizing leading-edge practices and educational resources.  


More specifically, RCHC

  • Adheres to the recovery model of peer-driven programs and support.

  • Has a positive, distinct identity as a place of hope and help for individuals with mental health disorders that is highly valued by the community at large.

  • Is one of the largest providers of Certified Peer Recovery Supporters in Ohio.

  • Serves as a state and national leader in peer support and education, providing consultation for the Peer Support Model.

  • Provides a wide variety of peer-led education classes for adults of all ages, as well as families, both onsite and virtually.

  • Collaborates with local universities to provide service learning opportunities to students.

  • Provides connections with appropriate employers and other organizations throughout the region for employment, vocational training, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Provides a variety of services and amenities on the main campus including a fitness facility, a kitchen for learning vocational skills, state-of-the-art technology for virtual learning, and transportation as needed to access community resources.

  • Advocates for opportunities for growth for individuals with behavioral health issues.

  • Raises awareness, understanding, and acceptance by fighting the stigma of mental illness. 

Our Goal:

To be a stepping stone to a fulfilling and successful life beyond the mental health community; to help individuals develop natural supports in their community that initially enhance, but eventually replace, the peer support that we offer.


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Grants, Collaborations & Presentations with The Recovery Center of Hamilton County

Meet our partners and check out all the work RCHC is doing in the community. 

Funding Grants

& Donors

Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board (MHRSB)


Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati


Ohio Empowerment Coalition (OEC) - Coming to Your Community Grant


SAMHSA - Million Hearts Grant


William G. and Mary Jane Helms Charitable Foundation


SAMHSA - Wellness Grant


SAMHSA - Technical Assistance Grant




Interact For Health - Join the Fun


Ohio Arts Council


Stella M. Buerger Charitable Trust 




Xavier University - Occupational Therapy Program


Christ Hospital - Nursing Program


University of Cincinnati - Nursing Program

Cincinnati State Nursing Program

Mental Health Association - Crisis Intervention Training


St. Margaret Hall - Turn a Frown Around Volunteer Project


Cincinnati Taekwondo Center




Cincinnati Art Club


Mount St. Joseph University - Service Learning


Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services



La Soupe 


2006 "Developing and Implementing Recovery Oriented Services"  at Ohio USPRA


2007 "Developing and Implementing Recovery Oriented Services"  at Summit Behavioral Healthcare Lunch and Learn


2008 "Using Outcomes to Facilitate Recovery, Modify Programming and Sustain Funding" at National USPRA Conference


2008 "Peer Support" at Mental Health Association Roundtable


2008 "Changing Lives, Fighting Stigma and Connecting with the Community Thru the Arts" at National USPRA Conference


2008 "Changing Lives, Fighting Stigma and Connecting with the Community Thru the Arts" at Ohio USPRA Conference


2010 "Utilizing Computers and Technology Training to Enhance Mental Health Recovery" at Wellness Management and Recovery Conference


2010 "Health and Wellness" at Wellness Management and Recovery Conference


2010 "Community Education and Technical Assistance" at Wellness Management and Recovery Conference


2011 "Supported Employment in a Peer Environment" at Wellness Management and Recovery Conference


2011 "Implementing Fidelity Assessment Common Ingredient Tool (FACIT)" at Ohio Empowerment Coalition Conference


2014 "Shared Decision Making Learning Community Project" Presented to SAMHSA Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale Technical Assistance Center Strategy BRSS TACS

2019  "Improving Your Health and Wellness within Peer Run Organizations"  Presented at the 2019 Peer Recovery Supporter Conference: Professionalizing the Workforce

2019  "Laughter Yoga"  Presented at 

the 2019 Peer Recovery Supporter Conference:  Professionalizing the Workforce

2020 "Supporting Peers through a Pandemic: How Technology Can Make Peer Support Accessible" Presented for the National Association of Peer Supporters.

2020 Employing Young Adults in a peer workforce. Presented by OHMAS 

2021 " Rc After Dark's Writing for Healing" Presented at the Ask Me Who I Am Conference for Young Adults. 

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