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What is the Recovery Center of Hamilton County?​

The Recovery Center of Hamilton County provides peer-led Recovery Oriented Services for individuals living with mental illness who are seeking to advance into the latter stages of their recovery. We offer a variety of peer support/self-help, education, vocation & community involvement activities/services.

What can you tell me about the staff at the Recovery Center?

Our staff is comprised of peers in their latter stages of recovery who will serve as role models to others in the mental health system. Core competencies you will see from the staff at the Recovery Center are compassion, empathy, and respect along with excellent listening and interpersonal skills.  Most of our staff and many of our volunteers are Certified Peer Recovery Supporters. 

What are your hours of operation?​

9:00 am – 3:45 pm. Monday through Friday

How do I know I am eligible for RCHC services? 

We only have a few requirements in order to become a member here at RCHC and they are:

  1. You must be resident of Hamilton County

  2. Be 18 years or older

  3. Have a lived-experience with a mental health disorder

  4. Be actively engaged in the recovery process.  

How do I get involved in taking classes?

To become a member of RCHC we ask that you join us for a tour of the facility on either Monday or Wednesday at noon, no appointment is needed, walk-ins are encouraged. After the tour, we will set up an intake meeting with you. We provide you with a member packet during the tour that you must fill out prior to the intake meeting. This paperwork will allow us to see your goals for attending RCHC classes and will help us give you the best path towards your recovery. 

How do I get involved in online classes? 

These online classes are open and available to anyone, anywhere!

All we ask is that you fill out this form before joining any online classes if you are not already a member of RCHC. *You can fill out a form on behalf of a peer or client if they do not have access or capabilities to fill it out themselves. All classes are held on Zoom. You can attend through Zoom or via phone.

Do I need a referral from my case manager to attend the Recovery Center?​

You do not need a referral from a case manager to participate in the Recovery Center. Individuals can come on their own or with a case manager to take a tour. We offer tours on Mondays and Wednesdays at noon, no appointment is necessary.

What bus can I take to get to the Recovery Center?

The 24 and 19 buses will drop you off and pick you up directly across the street from the Recovery Center.

How can the Recovery Center help me?  ?

The Recovery Center prides itself on being a stepping stone into the community by offering recovery-oriented support that allows individuals to pursue life goals. We offer classes, activities, resources, and job development that will help you to be empowered to work, volunteer, attend school, or further enrich your life as you work towards recovery and wellness.  

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