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RC After Dark February Writing Workshop

RC After Dark (RAD) is back with another event to help you on your journey to wellness, a writing workshop! This event is open to those who enjoy writing and need a welcoming environment to share their work with others. The aim of this workshop is to showcase how writing can benefit those struggling with mental health issues and be an integral part of the healing process. Any form of writing welcome.

The doors open at 6:00pm and the workshop will start at 6:30pm. It is free to attend. Snacks and drinks will be provided. This event is in partner with The Recovery Center of Hamilton County, a mental health and wellness organization. Parking is available in lot.

*Please be aware that topics of discussion may be intense and profanity may be used so this event is only suitable for ages 18+.

Meet Your Workshop Leaders:

Amanda Stoddard is the creator of RC After Dark. Amanda wanted to join her love of writing and helping people into one so she created this specific event. She received her BA in Communications, Minor in English, and a Certificate in Creative Writing from UC. She is the creative director / producer of a mental health podcast and the host of an Open Mic Series that celebrated its 5 year anniversary in December.

Katarina Knehans is an amazing writer. She has her BA in English Literature from UC. Kat is the creator of UC's Rogue Writers where she published a literary journal, multi-media album, AND funded a trip to an AWP conference. Her work consistently showcases transparency, vulnerability, and imagery in a way that breaks through the traditional mold of prose and personification.

You don't want to miss this!

*RC After Dark (RAD) is an event series that focuses on providing a positive community to college-aged individuals who may need it. We want to create a space for individuals to feel comfortable and supported through common interest, peer-support, and fun! It's important these events are after hours for those who do not have access to support within the usual 9-5 time frame.

For any questions or concerns please contact Amanda:


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