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February's Recovery Center Spotlight: Johnny

February's #RecoveryCenterSpotlight is Johnny H. Staff member here at the Recovery Center of Hamilton County who is also on our Fundraising Committee. Johnny talks of his struggle, how other staff helped him cope, and how RCHC has changed his outlook.

“When I first came to the center, I was a basket case. My diagnosis was in full bloom. So needless to say, I was skeptical and lost. The first person I met was Debra, she was very positive and hard not to like! Later, I met Christine. There was no instant cure-all. But Debra and Christine worked hard to bring me out. If you want to grow at your own pace, it will happen to you too here. I started volunteering, I helped others, and I really enjoy every single moment. The staff and volunteers are fantastic. Give the Recovery Center a try and you might see it through my eyes! By the way, if you are someone who can help with sponsorship or donations, please contact us, especially if you’re curious”.


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