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Cups and Baskets of Kindness can be picked up at the following locations on the following days:

RCHC - December 17, 2020 (Thursday) between 4 and 8 pm 

RCHC - December 18, 2020 (Friday) between 9 am and noon

Northgate - December 17 or 18 between 9 am and 5 pm 

Recovery Center of Hamilton County 

2340 Auburn Ave 

Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 

(513) 241-1411

Northgate Greenhouses

3150 Compton Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251

(513) 729-1134

Basket of Kindness,




The Recovery Center of Hamilton County's (RCHC) Cups of Kindness, in conjunction with Northgate Greenhouses, presents our new 2020 Fundraiser "Baskets of Kindness".  We will be selling premium, florist grade poinsettias.  Your choice of Candy-Apple Red or Snowcap White, decorated with Christmas greens and wrapped in a Basket Of Kindness for $22.00.  All proceeds will support RCHC's mission of empowering people to live healthy and meaningful lives in the community.



Cups Of Kindness

Cups Of Kindness
Cups Of Kindness

Cups of Kindness

Contents of Cups Of Kindness 1
Contents of Cups Of Kindness 1

Candy, Eraser, Penny, Puzzle Piece

Cups Of Kindness Instructions
Cups Of Kindness Instructions

List of what all the items in your cup of kindness represent.

Cups Of Kindness
Cups Of Kindness

Cups of Kindness


Give a gift of kindness this holiday season and after #WorldKindnessDay with our Cups Of Kindness! Each kindness mug contains a self-care bookmark AND a kindness kit filled items like bubble gum to help you stick with it and never give up, an umbrella to shelter you from life's storms, a playing card to remind you to always make the best of what life deals you, and many more! Visit the Recovery Center to purchase your Cup Of Kindness for only $10, all proceeds go to supporting RCHC and our members. What a great gift to give this holiday season