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Spread Kindness this holiday season and support Mental Health recovery!

We are selling premium, florist grade 6" poinsettias. Your choice of red, white, or pink, decorated with Christmas greens and wrapped in a Basket Of Kindness, all for $22.00.


Each basket purchased will help individuals to recover what is lost when struggling with mental illness. We invite you to help us empower our peers who are recovering and rediscovering their self-esteem, self-awareness, health, safety, and community.


Your Basket of Kindness purchase empowers and supports us in nurturing hope! Your help increases our capacity to reach out to our community, especially to those who are struggling with isolation, stress, and anxiety caused by the pandemic. Your support truly does save lives.


Baskets are for pick-up only!

Baskets of Kindness can be picked up at the following location on the following days: please follow signs in our parking lot that indicate where to go for basket pick-up. 

RCHC - December 20th, 2023 (Wednesday) 

RCHC - December 21th, 2023 (Thursday) 

Between 11AM - 3PM  

Recovery Center of Hamilton County 

2340 Auburn Ave 

Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 

(513) 241-1411

Special thanks to Northgate Greenhouses for providing the poinsettias and helping make this fundraiser possible!


Basket of Kindness
Filled with Florist Grade
6" Poinsettias:

Your choice of Red, White, Or Pink. 

Deadline for orders has passed!

see above for pick-up info about your Baskets of Kindness purchase.



Snowcap White



You can also pay via check by filling out the order form and mailing it to our location prior to December 11th. 


Last year we were able to donate over 20 Baskets of Kindness to local organizations! 

When you get your Basket of Kindness this holiday season snap a photo and tag @RecoveryCenterCincy to help us spread kindness all over the city!

You can even hand out our flyers to friends, family, and local businesses! You can download it by clicking the button below. Kindness is contagious!

How will you spread kindness to your family, friends, and even your community this year? 

Your purchase makes a difference to those struggling with their mental health!

You can also spread kindness and support mental health recovery by sending a donation! Each and every dollar helps the Recovery Center of Hamilton County to promote hope and healing for those affected by mental health challenges! You can give to our organization by clicking the button below! Your generosity contributes to a change within the community and in the lives of those struggling! We wouldn't be where we are without the kindness of others.

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