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Our Wellness Symposium is now Virtual!

Join us the week of June 22nd from 10AM - 2PM for five days full of mental health and wellness classes, resources, breakout sessions, presentations, and more! On Friday, the original day of the symposium will be dedicated to a fun-filled day with strictly breakout sessions. Get involved with the Greater Cincinnati Area and see what resources our community has to offer you!

We will be having a raffle for those who participate and interact! The more you attend, the more raffle tickets for the bowl. When the week is over we will have a raffle drawing to announce the winner! But don't worry, we will reach out to those who win the raffle if you can't make it to the drawing.

If you'd like to be a presenter for the symposium reach out to us at: with the subject "Virtual Wellness Symposium"

Share our flyer to get your community involved and active!


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