Local 12 (WKRC-TV) Talks Recovery Center of Hamilton County!

Check out the Recovery Center on Local 12, CINCINNATI (WKRC) and hear about David's weight loss journey and how Maria Adkins, our on-staff Registered Dietitian helped him through it.

After nine months of eating good, healthy foods, David Schumacher lost 50 pounds.

"I lost 50 pounds here, and my blood work came back a lot better; my diabetes is in remission," he said.

Schumacher credits his success to Maria Adkins, who is a registered dietitian. Many others at the Recovery Center of Hamilton County say the same thing.

Chris Pedoto from the center said, "We provide individual support and educational groups to individuals in recovery from mental illness." Pedoto helps coordinate the education at the center. "We try to help individuals reconnect their lives to things they've lost," Pedoto said.

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