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Why is After-Hours Help So Hard to Find?

Have you ever experienced needing some supplementary support not between the 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM timeframe? Maybe you just need an additional layer of connection, not something as excessive as 988 or the Crisis Text Line. Most of us have, right? What do you do in those times for support? Maybe call, text, or email your therapist? Maybe try to find an after-hours support group? I don't know about you but to me, it seems like help after hours is hard to find.

Once upon a time, I wanted to take an after-hours mental health program. Something to get my mind off of all the stuff that was rattling around in there after work. Or something I could lean on after a hard day. However, after extensive research, there were not many options that didn't include hospitalization or a big budget. I was even willing to do something completely online, to no avail.

I didn't want hospitalization, or even an outpatient program, what I wanted more than anything was connection, support, and tools. I wanted to be around people who were like me and who understood what it was like- to be "functional" but still "unwell".

This is a big framework behind what the Recovery Center is doing with its online classes. It's Online Peer Support after-hours providing you with tools, peer support, and a sense of community. There is something every single day of the week, whether it's just a Peer Support Group or whether it's learning how to meditate, playing games with peers, or needing a 12-step program for your emotions, we have it here!

A lot of after-hours support is expensive, taxing, and led by clinicians or people who don't always understand it in the way we need them to. This is why peer support groups are so effective, the people who run these groups are peers with lived experience, so they get it.

Here in Cincinnati, we have so many amazing resources for you to get involved in! The Recovery Center of Hamilton County's online classes are just one additional tool you can add to your toolbox.

Check out our online schedule full of classes and support groups! You can join in by filling out this form submitting it, and then joining in on whatever classes fit your schedule or your interest!

Help after-hours shouldn't be inaccessible, we're so happy we get to provide you with an added layer of support. If you have any more questions about what we do you can reach out to us by calling 513-241-1411 or emailing


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