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Members Share Their Recovery Story

"Without the Recovery Center, I am not sure I would feel as good as I do these days. Before, I was struggling to make it through. Now, I’m working, I’m returning back to the person I was, and I’m giving back to the Recovery Center through my volunteering efforts.

This place has truly changed my life." - Brian

Every term we are reminded of the impact that The Recovery Center of Hamilton County as on it's members. When you hear these individuals open up about their hardships and inform us on what RCHC has done for them it really inspires us to do more for them as an organization and as peers. We are always so proud of the connections we make and the lives we change. Here at RCHC we have immense appreciation for those individuals who share their own personal stories for it takes courage and strength to be transparent about our journey through life. But we're always reminded that through community, we can all find healing.

Visit the Testimonial page to hear more about how RCHC has changed the lives of our members.


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