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Give Back this #GivingTuesday

Give Back This #GivingTuesday !

You can make a huge impact in your community this #GivingTuesday by supporting the Recovery Center of Hamilton County.

"RC. I love you. I would be lost without you and the family I am making there. When your biological family abandons you, it’s hard- really hard. I am rebuilding after being leveled. Thank you for being my support. I couldn’t ask for better influences in my life". This year's #GivingTuesday spotlight highlights Julie, a newer addition to RCHC who shows her fierce desire to never give up. For many years, Julie has suffered through anxiety and really struggled with the stigmatization that comes with it. We are so happy that she found us here at RCHC to help her through her storm. Remember that when things get too dark, we're here to shine a light for you. Thank you Julie for your smiles, transparency, and wonderful testimonial. We appreciate all that you do and all that you are. Read the rest of Julie's story by clicking the link below.

This #GivingTuesday invest your time and money in your community! Invest in mental health and help end stigma, and saving lives! Any amount you donate this Tuesday goes directly back into everything we do here at the center which includes, but isn't limited to:

  • Helping those who struggle with mental health manage weight and physical health, job readiness, housing, GED prep, mental health recovery, and so much more.

  • Giving a safe space for individuals to feel whole again.

  • Increasing quality of life for individuals in your community who may be struggling.

  • Connecting individuals to all the helpful resources around them.

  • Providing connection to a community that has been ostracized and stigmatized for generations.

  • Providing lunch to our members every day so we ensure they have adequate nutrition that day.

  • Providing after-hours support with our Daily 2:45 pm and 7:00pm Peer Support Check-Ins.

How can I invest?

  • Donate Now! Whether it's a one-time donation or a monthly occurrence, your help makes a huge difference!

  • Invest your time! Volunteer here at the center by reaching out via our RCHC email:

  • Support our Fundraisers! RCHC has two holiday fundraisers going on right now: Baskets of Kindness and our All-In For Recovery Giving Grid! The money made these fundraisers goes directly back into the center!

  • Get Involved Virtually! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share what we post! Any share, like, or comment helps us get connected to someone in the community who needs our assistance! Your support makes a huge difference.

  • Spread the word! Just chat about everything we do at the center and tell your friends. Any type of support counts and means the world to us and the Hamilton County community we serve.

Your investment could mean life for someone in your community! Julie’s story is a great reminder that just being an advocate and a resource can go a long way. That’s what we’re all about here at the Recovery Center, not only peers supporting peers but giving individuals a place where they feel less alone. You can make a difference to your community, to someone’s life, and to our Recovery Center Family! Join the family because together we’re #RecoveryCenterStrong. With Love & Stay Safe Your Recovery Center Family Dedicated to Promoting Wellness, Inspiring Hope, and Changing Lives.


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