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Finding Fulfillment In Recovery

Finding Fulfillment In Recovery 

Contributed by Rufus Carter

As a recovering drug or alcohol addict, it can often be difficult to find a job. Background checks may interfere before you even get to the interview stage, and potential employers may be afraid of a relapse. However, while you search for a job, you will still need to be able to pay your bills. Making ends meet in recovery takes determination and a positive outlook, but it is possible.

Here are some ways you can pay your bills until you find a full-time job.

Make Sure You Are Fully Committed to Sobriety

Before starting a side gig or full-time job, you’ll need to make sure you are fully committed to sobriety. Why go through the process of applying for a job and getting hired, only to put it in jeopardy because of drug use? The best way to fully commit is to start by analyzing your emotions. Many studies say that the main reason for drug use is a lack of purpose and meaning in the user’s life. So, ask yourself how you can make your life more purpose-driven. For some, this may look like taking the time each day to spend with friends or loved ones; for others, this could involve exercise and a healthy diet to maintain good mental health.

You can also help support your mental health with mindfulness meditation and therapy. Connection and health are great ways to boost your self-confidence, making you feel better in general. This will help you commit to sobriety full-time. Self-esteem will also help you charge what you’re worth for whatever services you provide.

Find Local Gigs Through Word-of-Mouth

When looking for side gigs, it may be useful for you to discuss the matter with trusted friends, family members, or neighbors first. They may understand your need of a job more than a stranger. Word of mouth is also particularly effective for side gigs like dog walking and pet sitting, where a certain degree of trust is needed. If you have demonstrated a commitment to sobriety, pet sitting can be a great proving ground, since it requires you to take care of someone other than yourself. You’ll need to feed and water the pet regularly. Some owners have particular specifications as to the times of these feedings, and some pets require medication at certain times of the day. Be sure to ask the owner for a list of things to do, organized by time of day -- this will make the process much easier for you. Other, similar gigs that may be useful for you include taking care of a neighbor’s lawn and garden and house sitting. These kinds of temporary jobs are ideal for animal lovers. 

Use Your Skill Set

If you are artistically inclined, you may be interested in selling goods on Etsy or other similar craft-oriented sites. Whether you are good at pottery, painting, or knitting, this can be a perfect time for you to use your skills to bring joy to others and a little extra money to your wallet. Of course, you will need whatever specialized tools and ingredients your artistic endeavor of choice requires, as well as a creative space. As you’re getting started, be sure to stay organized. Keeping track of each order and their expected completion dates will help keep you on track. Also, try to keep yourself excited about each order by giving it an individual touch. Similarly, if you are musically inclined, you may enjoy teaching music lessons for your instrument of choice.

When picking a side gig to live on while you look for a permanent job, make sure you choose something you love. Since a lack of purpose is one of the main reasons for drug use in the first place, it follows that doing something that helps you find a purpose will assist your recovery process, both monetarily and emotionally.


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