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Give The Gift of Kindness! The Cups of Kindness are for sale all year round!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Get your Cup of Kindness today for only $10.00

Stop by the Recovery Center of Hamilton County and grab your own personal Cup Of Kindness! Each cup includes a coping skills bookmark, grounding trinkets, and information about our organization.

Often times, when we're actively struggling, it can be so hard to remember our coping skills. This bookmark can help you through that! Keep it at your desk at work, or in your home, and utilize it when you need it. The trinket bag can help not only ground you but inspire you. Each item in the bag has a different meaning listed on the bookmark:

Bubble Gum: to remind you to stick with it and never give up

Bubbles: to blow your worries away

Candle: to light your wat when the day seems the darkest

Confetti: for when you feel like throwing something

Eraser: to remind you to start each day with a clean slate

Glass Pebble: to keep you grounded

Heart Sticker: to remind you that you are always loved

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece: because everyone fits in somewhere

and many more!

Stop by our organization to buy one today!

Give yourself, or a friend, the gift of kindness!

Only $10.00 !!


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